Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weight of Glory

The weight of glory is a very full sermon. Lewis takes bits and pieces from all his works and puts it into a nine page lecture. There is a lot in here.

Lewis speaks most prominently in his analogies. The idea of a school boy not fulling enjoying Greek literature only because he has not worked to that level is perfect. One cannot jump into Christianity and know and enjoy all that it has to offer, it takes time. A life time, one could say.

One of my favorite quotes from The Weight of Glory is when Lewis speaks of beauty not coming from books and poetry, but through them. He later goes on to say that we are not fully satisfied to only see these beauties, but we desire to be apart of them, to bathe in them. And this, Lewis says, can only be done in heaven where God offers us the sun so the speak.

Another idea that stuck out at me, though it is difficult to fully embrace, is the idea that we have never met a mere mortal. We ourselves are either striving for eternal glory or eternal damnation. We do not become everlasting once we die for we already are everlasting. Death is only a door to the choice we have to make here on heaven. Once this door is closed, it is locked.

C.S. Lewis is definitely thought-provoking. Anytime I find myself reading his descriptions or imagery of heaven, I do exactly as Lewis suggests in his sermon. I am temporarily engulfed in my own imagery - sometimes so abstract it's difficult to recapture - to the point where I don't want to come out of it. I'm day dreaming, full blown day dreaming. Stepping back in to reality is never a good thing. Maybe that is why I enjoy sleep so much. I'm allowed to let my dreams off their leash until my feet hit the floor, where such fantasies are deemed adolescence to society.

I feel as though I reclaim a part of my innocence after reading his sermon. All of the superficial pleasures offered by our world become nothing but an evolved state of hype. It was fun the first time but it's losing it's "umph", so it has become re-hyped in a larger and more grandeur state. Lewis makes me want to read poetry and see movies with the purpose of more then just a laugh. I guess Lewis is subliminally handing down a part of himself in where I want nothing more then to uncover truth.

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