Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Sermon and the Lunch

I can't help but notice that nearly every piece I read of C.S. Lewis' I see his idea of us not being complete here on earth. He is one of the strongest advocates for restoration and redeeming the earth around us.

The Sermon and the Lunch is in interesting piece - an experience that we have all been through at one point or another. I'm not so sure it's about what home really is as much as I think it's about living up to ones morals (basically not smoking what your selling.) The preacher gives his congregation a sermon on the goodness of home and how it's supposed to be...when really, his is anything but.

We've all seen someone preach a sermon, take a stance, or criticize others only to find out they too live short of their own ideals. About as contradictory as it can be. Also known as hypocrisy.

We have a tendency to glorify objects, situations, and places because we bought into it's promise of goodness and fulfillment. "This car is truly awesome." and it may be something truly awesome, but we all know boredom is just around the corner. We live in a fallen world, even at home. Again, I see C.S. Lewis pronouncing the need to reform and redeem the earth around us.

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