Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Love makes you do crazy things.

And indeed it does. But how crazy can we go before things actually become too crazy?

C.S. Lewis comments on love as enveloping it's victims in a circle of religion. They feel this need to obey the power of Love (and by love I'm referring to the way one feels towards a significant other -Eros, not Venus). They will go to great lengths to try and get this persons attention or fix a broken relationship. And none of these things are bad, it's the caliber of our actions that are independent. We get these ideas and feelings that to obey this love is not a sin...when really, if we are putting Eros in front of God, it is.

Another good point Lewis brings up is that we don't see our addiction to Eros like we do appetites. We don't say, "Ok, this is the last girl I'll try and start a relationship with. If this does not work, I'm done." Rather, it's more like our passion for intellectual stimulation. Every time we meet it we get this idea that 'this could be it.'

So how often are we putting Eros in front of God? Are we in love with someone that is dishonorable to our Father? Do we listen to Eros or to God? Both Eros and Agape can coincide, but that's up to us, not them.

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