Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I want to start this one off by building on the discussion of good vs. evil that we had today in class (Tuesday)

I believe that everything in the world is good. All humans have this struggle of positive vs. negative feelings (good vs. evil if you will). A serial killer does not kill someone because they want that guilt and depression put on them, but rather for the rush and pleasure that it brings. Are all rushes and pleasures inherently evil? No, none of them are. It's how we get there that defines it as good or evil. God did not create Hitlers rampage in Europe, that was a human conception.

Creation has become repetitious to me but remains important nonetheless. To me, the story of creation is this; it's not so much how we got here that matters. It doesn't matter if there were an actual Adam and Eve and tree of knowledge. What matters is that it tells us of a beginning - and that beginning was through God. We should be less concerned with how we got here and more with why we're here.

The creation story does tell us of the cultural mandate which to reformed theology is extremely important - a cornerstone. Subdue the earth and everything in it. It's ours to reform and restore. It started good, and it's up to us as stewards to give it back better then before.

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