Thursday, January 22, 2009

Plantinga - Redemption

Redemption is an idea that I struggle with. Though not because I don't believe in it's biblical and human importance. But because I do not know by what size scale I'm to measure it by.

In it's smallest form, redemption can be seen as a quality. Practicing restoration with relationships and mending cruelty among friends and enemies. And in it's most grandeur form, it can be seen as a universal movement in turning earth into a state of heaven.

The Bible starts off with everything good, but then it falls. The lion sleeps next to the lamb, then proceeds to eat it. Are we responsible for the restoration of the food chain? How much restoration are we accounted for? How much restoration are we capable of?

Plantinga mentions a Calvinist trying to redeem a corrupt economic system. But how? Write a letter? Organize a petition? Vandalize the central computers?

Are we to restore because we are bringing heaven to earth or because it's a quality we should practice on a grand scale so that we may unconsciously exercise it on a smaller one?

My conclusion is this: No matter what degree of restoration we are aiming for, we know how to exhibit it. It's result is in God's hands. We have the Bible, we know what to do.

With humility and discernment of course.

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